Rights Gone Wrong

“Ford enlivens his discussion with numerous, colorful example of rights gone wrong, cases where the laws are being abused to the detriment of genuine social justice…. A crisp analysis of the limits of our civil rights laws and a prescription for how to move beyond them.” –Kirkus Reviews

Universal Rights Down To Earth

“The book is most impressive in its characterization the ideas and politics that motivate the loosely organized global human rights movement, which pursues many causes but has not offered a unified, coherent vision of a world governed by international law.” – G. John Ikenberry, Foreign Affairs

Universal Rights Down To Earth

Gerald E. Frug, Richard T. Ford, & David J. Barron. Local Government Law, Cases and Materials, 5th (American Casebooks), St. Paul, MN: West (2009).

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The Race Card

“A vigorous and long-overdue shake-up of the nation’s stale discourse on race . . . sharp, tightly argued, and delightfully contentious.” —Orlando Patterson, The New York Times

Racial Culture

“RACIAL CULTURE… is a race-conscious, antiracist attack on racial identity politics. There is nothing else like it in the literature.” — Professor Duncan Kennedy, Harvard University

Racial Culture

FROM THE LEGAL GEOGRAPHIES READER:We live in a time of porous legality or legal porosity. Our legal lives are constituted by shifting intersections of different and not necessarily coherently articulating legal orders associated with different scalar spaces. The relations between these different legal spaces is a dynamic and complex one, but it is a pressing and important subject of inquiry given the ways in which the codes operative at various scales intermingle.